The Outstanding Volkswagen Passat Technology Features

The Volkswagen Passat is one of the most outstanding family vehicles on the market today in Staunton. There are a number of primary reasons why the Volkswagen Passat gets high marks. These include the array of Volkswagen Passat technology features.

The Volkswagen Passat technology features include the Intelligent Crash Response System. The system not only activates the airbags on the car but also deactivates the fuel pump, unlocks the doors, and activates the hazard lights. This ensures optimal safety following a collision or accident of any type.

Another of the Volkswagen Passat technology features is the rear view camera system. This technology optimizes safety when the vehicle is operated in reverse. The car also has adaptive cruise control, which optimizes safety when the car is operated with cruise control on. Additional information is available at Valley Volkswagen, including more info about tech features.

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