The Importance of Windshield Wiper Blade Replacement

If you are not having your wiper blades replaced on a regular basis, you could be making it more difficult to navigate the roads in inclement weather.

Those rubber elements of the wiper blades will begin to break down due to oxidation, making them hard and brittle. This can also occur when the sun is constantly beating down on them. Brittle blades cannot hug the curves of the windshield and clear your field of vision.

As the wiper blades are constantly moving back and forth over the glass, they tend to wear just from usage. These worn windshield wipers blades are going to start to leave streaks and even large blurry spots. These spots are going to affect your ability to observe the road and vehicles or pedestrians ahead.

Bring your vehicle to Valley Volkswagen so one of our technicians can replace the blades and get you on your way.

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