The Advanced Safety Features of the Volkswagen Jetta

The Volkswagen Jetta is one of the premier examples of compact sedans, which is designed with safety in mind. The team behind the Jetta worked tirelessly to ensure that the safety features installed in the Jetta would be second to none.

While a major focus of any safety measure is to prevent an accident, sometimes they do happen. When that occurs, the Jetta has safety precautions to help keep you safe even in bad accidents. The passenger compartment is enclosed in a rigid frame, which works to redirect the energy and force of a collision to the multiple crumple zones throughout the Jetta, keeping the damaging forces away from the passengers. Another safety feature that activates in an accident is the Intelligent Crash Response System, which, when the airbags are deployed, will automatically shut off the fuel pump, unlock all the doors, and switch on the Jetta's hazard lights, to alert those around you to your presence.

These safety features are just the beginning of the precautions the Jetta has to keep you safe. Sound like a car you want to get a better look at? Come on down and visit us at Valley Volkswagen in Staunton, VA and we'll gladly get you a test drive of the Jetta.

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