The new Volkswagen Arteon is sure to make a hit with potential vehicle owners who enjoy having a fastback sedan. The exterior boasts an impressive dynamic appearance. The interior is not disappointing. But the vehicle was also built to perform. Learn more about the latest vehicle to make Volkswagen's lineup. Stop by our Staunton, VA Valley Volkswagen location and take a test drive.

The fastback comes standard with a 2.0-liter, turbocharged four-cylinder engine that capably provides up to 268 horsepower. Yet, the fuel rating is estimated as being 22 mpg while in the city and 31 mpg out on the highway. The powertrain includes an eight-speed automatic transmission.

The AWD system distributes power to each wheel as needed to ensure optimal traction and handling. The power steering system has heightened responsiveness regardless of the Volkswagen Arteon's speed. The vehicle's chassis and adaptable suspension provide the smoothest ride possible at all times.

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