Four-Wheel Drive - 4L vs 4H

Our car experts at Valley Volkswagen have a goal to help Staunton, VA drivers get the most out of the features that come with their vehicles. Do you have four-wheel drive? If so, you should understand how it functions. 4H and 4L are two settings of a four-wheel-drive system, but what do they do?

Drivers tend to use 4H more than 4L, which may be because you can drive faster when you're in 4H. When you're driving in 4H, you can go up to 55 mph. This setting is typically used when the roads are snowy, icy, or muddy.

4L is used when you need serious capability. This setting sends more torque to the wheels, and the wheels will turn slower than normal when you're in 4L. When you're in this setting, try to drive slower than 10 mph. This setting is usually best when you're powering through deep mud, snow, or sand.

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