The Volkswagen certified pre-owned program may be the best way for you to buy a used vehicle. It comes with myriads of useful and intuitive options for you to enjoy while browsing our selection. With it, your experience will be more easy-going and informed. Let's discuss some of the ways this program can enhance your driving experience.

The program comes with a model-specific warranty. It's a great way to enhance the confidence you have while driving a Volkswagen vehicle. Accidents are unavoidable sometimes, and it's crucial for you to know that you're covered when they occur. The program will begin at the point of sale or once the vehicle's previous warranty expires — whichever happens first. It applies to a broad assortment of Volkswagen cars.

You will also have a wider selection of Volkswagen models to choose from. The program gives you access to the manufacturer's enormous range of different styles of cars: sedans, SUVs, convertibles, and even cutting-edge newer models like the Arteon are all available with the program.

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