Strapping Items to The Roof

When you're traveling, and you put luggage on top of your vehicle, there are a few tips for using the roof rack. Make sure that the items that you're putting on the top of your car are secured with ropes or cords. Try to wiggle the items around after they are in place to ensure that they don't move around while you're driving.

Avoid using ropes or straps that have frayed ends. This can often fray even more while you're driving, which can result in your belongings coming off the top of your vehicle. When you tie your belongings on your roof, you'll want to have at least three points of connection to provide the best stability. Try to find four points if possible.

Tie your ropes or straps to the sides of the items you're carrying on your roof to prevent them from moving side to side. Try to stop a few times while you're traveling to check the security of the rack and the straps.

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