The Volkswagen Beetle Has a Great Design Inside and Out

The Volkswagen Beetle is a vehicle with a unique and eye-catching design. This vehicle has long inspired drivers with its acceleration and performance. The Volkswagen Beetle has a good track record of reliability, and this car has a great design inside and outside.

One of the nicer exterior design features available with the Volkswagen Beetle is the panoramic sunroof. This sunroof extends over both the front and rear seats of the car. The sunroof has a power tilt feature, and the sunroof can slide open in order to let the cool breeze into the vehicle.

The interior of the Volkswagen Beetle also incorporates some special design features. One of these features is the leather-wrapped steering wheel. On the steering wheel are the controls to operate multiple functions within the Volkswagen Beetle. You can easily adjust the sound system from the steering wheel as well as controlling the cruise control feature and climate system.

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