When Is the Time for Four-Wheel Drive?

There's more to take than just the high road or the low road. Drivers with certain vehicles have the option to go with four-high (4H) and four-low (4L), delineations that refer to different modes of four-wheel drive. Drivers should choose the right one at the right time.

Four-wheel drive isn't an unnecessary feature designed to set a particular model apart from others on the market. Four-wheel drive serves to give a car or truck better traction on the road. Four-high is fine for most conditions, but treacherous roads often require drivers to hit the four-low mode.

Once the weather takes a turn for the worse, four-wheel drive becomes a good option. Icy road conditions, in particular, create a necessity for four-wheel drive. Vehicles with automatic four-wheel drive make the change once a tire slips.

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