Sometimes referred to as compact SUVs, crossovers were created to fill the gap between small hatchbacks and larger sport utility vehicles. Because of their car-based platforms, crossover vehicles offer increased comfort and ride quality. Read on to learn some great reasons to buy a crossover from Valley Volkswagen.

Higher Seating Position

Once you've experienced the higher seating position of a crossover, you probably won't want to go back. The greater ride height provides better outward visibility, which is safer and more comfortable for drivers and passengers.

Better Fuel Mileage

Usually, crossovers are much lighter than conventional SUVs. Because they're smaller and lack the same off-road and hauling capabilities as larger sport utility vehicles, crossovers are also more efficient.

One of the best things about buying a new vehicle is getting the features you need. Crossovers are popular in Staunton, VA because they're customizable enough to suit most drivers. Test drive a crossover today!

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