CMA's Valley Volkswagen in Staunton, VA is committed to offering vehicles that have the best safety features. The Volkswagen Golf is a compact vehicle that is fuel-efficient and has the safety features that drivers want. The Volkswagen Golf has a number of nice technology features, and advanced technology allows the Volkswagen Golf to provide safety.

The Volkswagen Golf comes with the Intelligent Crash Response System. This system keeps you safe in the event of a collision. If an accident occurs, the airbags will deploy. The system then will turn off the fuel pump to prevent fires. The hazard lights will come on, and the doors will unlock so that you can get out if needed.

Another important safety feature in the Volkswagen Golf is the tire pressure monitoring system. This system will provide an alert if a tire does not have enough air pressure. This helps to prevent blowouts that might lead to an accident.

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