Know Your Car, Truck, or SUV: When You Need Ignition Service

You need to keep your car, truck, or SUV ignition in top condition. If you have an issue with your ignition, it can cause widespread problems with your vehicle. Thus, you need to know when you need ignition service.

One main signal that you need ignition service is if you hear a grinding noise when you try and turn on your car. This sound indicates that your vehicle's starter drive gear is worn out is "broken." Another primary sign is a whining noise. This tells you that your ignition system is freewheeling. What this technically means is that your starter gear is not connecting appropriately with the flywheel.

If you're in need of ignition service, the team at CMA's Valley Volkswagen is here to serve all your needs. We're conveniently located in Staunton, VA and operate a full service center to address all your needs.

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