Rubber is a durable material, but durability does not translate into invulnerability. Age and external factors such as excessive driving and weather conditions, break the material down. Sooner or later, signs that the tire requires replacing becomes evident.

Perform routine checks on the tires. Examine the tire and look for cracks in the sidewall also for strange tread patterns. You might even notice bumps and blisters, as well. Any physical defects on the tire are concerning. Get those tires checked out without delay. And do so if you feel vibrations when driving, too.

Don’t overlook the “little things.” Car owners in Staunton, VA should get into the habit of performing a tread “penny check.” You don't want to keep tires that have low treads. Low treads don't offer great traction, among other problems.

Get your tires checked out today and do so at our service department. The CMA's Valley Volkswagen team can help you with tire and other maintenance requests.

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