The Volkswagen Passat is a sports sedan that does not skip out on making sure you and your passengers are safe. Our team at CMA's Valley Volkswagen understands that safety is important to you. One of our team members can explain all the safety features the Passat has to offer when you visit us in Staunton, VA.

The Passat is engineered with your safety in mind. It starts with the rigid safety cage, which distributes the impact of a collision away from you and your passengers. The front and rear crumple zones absorb the energy of a crash while the Intelligent Crash Response System deploys the airbags, shuts down the Passat, and unlocks the doors.

Another safety feature is the Automatic Post-Collision Braking System. Sometimes vehicles do not come to a stop after a collision. If you are in an accident, this system will gradually bring your Volkswagen Passat to a complete stop to avoid another collision.

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