Our associates at CMA's Valley Volkswagen want to help you keep your vehicle safe. A windshield serves many important purposes. Not only does it stop debris, water, and wind from getting inside the car, it also helps prevent a body collapse if a vehicle rolls during an accident. Keeping your vehicle's windshield free of cracks and chips helps keep you and your occupants protected.

If you notice a crack or chip on your windshield, a glass repair professional will be able to determine if it can be repaired. While most small cracks and chips can be repaired, there are times when the windshield will need to be replaced. The location and size of the crack are important factors regarding having it repaired versus replaced.

Keep a lookout for any cracks or chips on your car's windshield, and you should also inspect the bodywork that holds the windshield in place. Any damage to the bodywork can weaken the structural stability of the windshield.

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