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Volkswagen Full Synthetic Oil Change Service Special Coupon

Full Synthetic Oil Change


Recommended Every 10K Miles or Once a Year

Includes engine oil & oil filter change with Volkswagen approved oil. Price may be higher for some models.

Synthetic Oil Change in Staunton, VA

Many drivers find themselves in the lube bay, getting their car's oil changed far too often. If you frequently eat up the 3,000 miles between oil changes using traditional oil or want a top of the line oil change, it could be time to switch to a synthetic oil change. At CMA's Valley Volkswagen, we provide a quality Volkswagen synthetic oil change. Our technicians can answer whatever questions you have, service your vehicle, and provide you with a top of the line oil and filter. Let us help you stay out on the road longer between oil changes.

Synthetic Oil vs Regular Oil

The oil in your motor is designed to lubricate the motors moving parts and prevents the engine from overheating. Your car's motor oil goes under a lot of heat and pressure, and it eventually gets dirty and starts to break down. Regular oil that is made from crude oil generally lasts around 3,000 miles. However, synthetic oil is human-made, and it is specifically designed to withstand the engine's rigors for longer. Partially synthetic oils can last 5,000 to 6,000 miles, while fully synthetic motor oil can last up to 10,000 miles.

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Changing the Oil

The oil change consists of changing out the oil and replacing the oil filter. All vehicles have a drain plug that can be removed to drain out the engine's motor oil. With each oil change, the vehicle's oil filter must also be changed as it will be worn out. After the technician drains the oil out and the new filter has been put on, the plug can be reinserted, and new oil is added according to the vehicle's specifications. Using quality oil and oil filters provides the best care to your engine.

The Effects of Dirty Oil

Driving a car longer than the prescribed distance or time will damage your motor and cause expensive problems. Dirty oil does not lubricate the engine as it should. This can cause the motor to hurt itself, overheat, or breakdown altogether. Dirty oil is also hard on your vehicle's seals and gaskets and can cause leaks over time. An oil change is a simple and cheap service that will improve the overall longevity of your motor. Neglecting your oil changes ultimately cost more in repairs.

Synthetic Oil Change Service

CMA's Valley Volkswagen Oil Services

At CMA's Valley Volkswagen, you will find friendly staff, expert technicians, and quality products and services. We are passionate about your car's health and keeping our customers safe on the road. Look for our oil change coupons, look at our website for services and specials, and stop by or call so we can answer any of your questions. We are proud to service vehicles for the Staunton, Jolivue, Fishersville, Verona, and Waynesboro communities.


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