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Tire Rotation Service

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Tire Rotation


Recommended Every 10K Miles or Once a Year

Rotation of all four tires to even our tire tread wear and maximize tire life.

The Actual Process of Volkswagen Tire Rotation

Tire rotation involves lifting the vehicle on a shop's lift and moving the tires and wheels from the position they are in, to another. The standard process moves each of the front tires to the rear position and diagonally moves the rear tires to the front. That means the left rear wheel moves to the front right position, and the right rear wheel moves to the front left position. The process balances the vehicle weight distribution and force on the tires over the years. Switching tire positions allows each tire to take a turn supporting the varying weight across the vehicle, and provides traction based on front, rear, or all-wheel drive cars. This way, two tires don't wear out prematurely while the other two are in relatively good condition with little wear.

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Why Tires Need To Be Rotated

The short answer as to why tires need to be rotated is because it saves money in the long run. Tires don't wear evenly because the vehicle's weight distribution doesn't put the same amount of pressure on each tire. By rotating the tires, they each receive the extra pressure and lighter loads of the vehicle, which ultimately leads to even tire wear instead of having to replace one tire at a time as the tread becomes bare and no longer capable of providing either safe or efficient performance. In theory, replacing one tire at a time as needed isn't a bad plan, but it turns out to be more expensive over time by missing the deals associated with buying all four tires at once and because the tires need replacement sooner than expected.

What Happens When Proper Tire Rotation Isn't Performed

Assuming other maintenance is performed as scheduled, not having the tires rotated isn't going to end the vehicle's life prematurely. It might leave the driver stranded on the side of the road, perhaps having to put the spare tire on or call a tow truck depending on the situation. Trying to drive to a safe place to park with a flat tire is going to result in expensive damage to the wheels, brakes, and axles, but might be a better idea than becoming a pedestrian in oncoming traffic.

Tire Rotation Service

Where To Find Services for Tire Rotation in Staunton, VA

At CMA's Valley Volkswagen in Staunton, VA, near Jolivue, Fishersville, Verona, and Waynesboro, our fully equipped service shop and trained technicians are prepared to keep your car on the road as efficiently as possible. Give us a call to find out if we have a tire rotation coupon or other specials which apply toward routine vehicle maintenance, tire rotation, or new tires when needed.


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